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Hailing from the smallest State in the Union, The BopThrills pack a punch the size of Texas.


The BopThrills are a Rhode Island based outfit, built from the ground-up to deliver raw authentic Rockabilly & Rock N’ Roll they only way they know how; Full throttle & no holds barred.


Brainchild of Jeff Deware & Screamin’ Scotty, The BopThrills humble beginnings merely took shape in early 2015, yet bring a songwriting maturity that is only capable of seasoned musicians.


Joining the foray are Jack Hanlon (The Amazing Royal Crowns)& Rockin’ Russ Dawley (The Red Pennys).


Armed with an arsenal of self-penned boppers, rockers, & all too rare covers, The BopThrills have been known to cut a rug or two & then set them on fire!

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